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The Seafood Bar

Elegant yet casual. The wood ceiling is reminiscent of old Florida. Ocean view. It’s a luxury resort, but shorts and sandals aren’t a problem.

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Mojito This!

I love mojitos.

But I won’t order them in a bar. Never.

Why? I have never — ever — had a mojito as good in a bar as I’ve made at home. Ever.

They’re on menus across Florida, and a popular Cuban inspired drink. And yeah, when done right, they’re great.

The problem is most bars don’t make them right. I’m sure there are exceptions, and I apologize to those places. There’s usually not enough mint, too light of a muddle, not enough lime or too much seltzer water.

So here’s my challenge. Any Florida bar that makes a mojito better than I make at home (and yes, that’s subjective, but I can put my ego aside and be honest — or my wife will keep me honest) I will [...]

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